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Wedding Planit
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Wedding Planit is a renowned wedding planning company dedicated to turning dreams into reality. With an unwavering commitment to delivering memorable weddings, they decided to take their services to the next level by developing a custom portal. This case study explores how Wedding Planit’s custom portal revolutionized their operations, enabling them to efficiently manage orders, employees, teams, and clients.


Before the implementation of their custom portal, Wedding Planit faced several challenges like managing multiple wedding events, clients, and teams simultaneously led to operational inefficiencies and an increased workload. Coordinating between clients, vendors, and team members was time-consuming and prone to miscommunication. Handling client information, orders, and vendor details manually led to data errors and inconsistencies.


Wedding Planit’s decided to go for a Custom Portal that will help them to manage all their work on one platform

Order Management:

The portal allows efficient tracking and management of wedding orders. Wedding Planit can now handle multiple weddings simultaneously, ensuring no detail goes unnoticed.

Employee and Team Management:

With the portal, employee schedules, roles, and responsibilities are easily managed. The team can collaborate seamlessly, improving overall productivity.

Client Collaboration:

Clients can access their wedding details, collaborate on decisions, and track progress through the portal. This enhanced communication streamlines the planning process.

Data Centralization:

All data, including client preferences, vendor contacts, and budget details, are securely stored in one location, minimizing errors and redundancies.


Wedding Planit’s custom portal has transformed the way they approach wedding planning. By centralizing data, improving communication, and enhancing efficiency, they have successfully elevated their wedding planning services. With a satisfied client base and a growing business, Wedding Planit continues to set new standards in the wedding planning industry.
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